programming practices with regard to gtk and networking

Hi there,

I just started working with GTK. I have a some background with C which means I can do OK but when it comes to working with the two together it gets harder...

My question is really this. I have a very simple IM program that I wrote in java (had to take a class on it) and I started porting the application to C and GTK but here is where I run into a problem. I have a button that says connect. and when clicked it creates the connection all that works fine, however unlike calling a normal function I can't really pass data back from the function the button called. Can I... What I need to do is somehow create the connection when the button is clicked and then pass the sockfd to the calling part of the programming (main) so I can then use that in the calls to send().

What I really need is someone to point me in the right direction.

Thanks alot

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