Re: Hello.

Ive read both responses. I'm actually running an
up-to-date (at least as much as possible) copy of Win
2000. A simple TTF is set to the main system font
(Tahoma). Ive tried two versions of GTK+ the one from
the link on the GTK Main Page, as well as the Glade
Win32 one. Both the same issue. I have a copy of XP
but this machine is a Pent. II. So i don't dare use

To be honest, I'm hoping to get this working as I'm
looking for a non-Java toolkit for the three common
operating systems (Mac/Lin/Win).

So here's as much detail as i can give:
Win NT 5 (2000)
VS 7.1 (.NET 2003) as a Win32 Application with No
Managed Extensions.
Windows Root: C:\Windows
GTK 2.6.X
GTK Root: C:\GTK\
Gtk is following its *Nix folder structure and its in
my systems PATH.

--- "Daniel K. O." <danielosmari yahoo com br> wrote:

--- Glenn Martin <lifewarped yahoo com> escreveu:
figure out the solution. "ERROR **: file shape.c:
75 (pango_shape): assertion failed:
(glyphs->num_glyphs > 0)". Any hints would be

This is a typical error message if you try to use
2.8 on Win9x. If that's your case, there are 3

1. Fix GTK+ (actually Cairo+Pango) so it'll work on
Win9x again - will take a lot of time and skill
2. Upgrade your windows box to XP (and probably the
hardware too so it can run XP) - will hurt in your
3. Migrate to another toolkit that uses GTK+ on
but doesn't on Windows - may take some time to learn
and port existing code

If you aren't using Win9x, then maybe you should
some details, like the OS version, the GTK+ version
(and where did you get it from), how/where the GTK+
installed, etc.

Daniel K. O.




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