Re: Memory Issue

On Mon, Dec 18, 2006 at 10:02:52AM +0530, Preeti Joshi wrote:
I am attaching a small piece of sample code that explains my problem.

The sample code is not compilable, not speaking about
runnable -- where's the stuff lookup_widget() acts on?

The above code creates a main window and from button1 click creates a
message box . On closing this message box , memory allocated to message box
should have been freed. However gnome-system-monitor shows the following
when main window is displayed: 3.5 MB
when message box is also displayed: 3.9 MB
message box closed: 3.9 MB
main window closed through 'X' button: 3.9 MB

So I will just comment on this:  Does the memory use
increase when you repeat this 10 times?  If it does, then
it's really a leak.



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