event logger on fc4 - i386

hi ,
  i am new to linux. 
  but has some experience on programming gtk apps.
  i would like to do the following things on on my linux workstations
 1. get which window is active at any given time. That is need a notification when a window ,thread , and 
process bewcomes active, gets focus , a new application or process is launched and similar events .
 2. also get the input monitor inplace , i.e., something that can give me everything on keyboard and mouse, 
the events they generated and for which application's which window they were targeted on 
  These r basically to monitor what the user is doing .
  I would like to know the best solution to it and how to solve it .
  i think that i should install some sort of message and event logger on the X itself but don't know how to 
do it .
  any help  will be greatly appreciated
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