RE: 3000 toggle buttons in a table?

Thanks for the suggession, and certainly by the end of this week I shall do it perfectly. Afterall its matter 
of some time to understand the depth of any new language or package....right???
thanks once again for the support
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From: David Necas (Yeti) [mailto:yeti physics muni cz]
Sent: Mon 4/10/2006 10:05 AM
To: Sailaxmi korada
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Subject: Re: 3000 toggle buttons in a table?

You do not set the renderer "active" property anywhere
except in the toggle_cell callback.  Therefore it always
renders *all* the cells in the last state (active or
inactive) some cell was toggled to.  You need either a cell
data func or to use gtk_tree_view_column_new_with_attributes()
to tell the renderer in which state it should render the
cells.  The "active" propery is not set in any automagic
way, *something* must set it before the cell is rendered.

It seems all my previous advices were vain too.  The tree
model should have exactly two columns: G_TYPE_STRING (the
label) and G_TYPE_UINT16 (the value), and you should use
a cell data function to set renderer properties to display
the guint16 value once as toggles, once as hex, in different

In fact, everything that the code sample I sent needs to add
to do *exactly* what you want is s/64/16/g, a hex-value
column (in the view, *not* in the model) + its cell data
function + its "cell-edited" callback.  Of course, I can
write the missing bits too -- it would be shorter than this
mail -- but that would not teach you fishing.

Please read the Gtk+ Tree View Tutorial to learn the
concepts first.


That's enough.

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