Re: Local on GTK windows

  Thanks for the reply. I set Malayalam as my language in windows
regional settings. Now, I see Window Date settings window shows some
malayalam words. But when I run my GTK application. I get error like
(I don't remember the exact one)
 "Charset is not supported"
 Falling back to "C" charset,

Any help....?

On 9/2/05, Tor Lillqvist <tml iki fi> wrote:
Deekshit Mantampady writes:
 > I wanted to know what all Locales are supported on GTK-Win32. To
 > to be specific Indian languages.

Locales in what sense? The same GTK+ message catalogs are available
(in a full installation) on Windows as on Unix. Taking a quick glance,
I recognize at least hi (Hindi), bn (Bangla), mr (Marathi), ml
(Malayalam) and ta (Tamil) as Indic languages.

If you mean Indic keyboard support, there are some known problems in
supporting 3rd-party keyboard layouts, which are claimed to be popular
at least for some languages.

If you mean Indic script support, yes, Pango on Windows handles them.
Or actually, all the hard work is done by the Uniscribe component in
Windows. I.e. if Windows itself supports an Indic script, it should
work in GTK+, too.


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