TreeView expander questions (again)

I'd like all the data I put in a treeview visible all the time (fully
expanded).  Is there a way to make new child rows in my treeview
expended when the model tells the view that the row has been added, or
must I call gtk_tree_view_expand_all()?

Is there a way to make the expanders not show up?  Again, my treeviews
are always expanded, so having the expander there is just a distraction
for the user.  If not, can I set their size to zero?

If there's no way to tell the treeview to expand the rows on creation,
what's a good callback to hook so I can call gtk_tree_view_expand_all()
as needed?

I'm using gtk 2.4.0 as shipped with RedHat's FC3, if that's important.

  // Wally

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