Re: 4-space tabs in GtkTextView

Ooops, I need stronger specs, you wanted to get the size of four
spaces. I'd try this (untested) after setting the mono font.

        PangoLayout *layout;
        int width, height;

        layout = gtk_widget_create_pango_layout( program->text, "    " );
        pango_layout_get_pixel_size( layout, &width, &height );
        g_object_unref( layout );

Then use that width to build the PangoTabArray.


On 10/21/05, John Cupitt <jcupitt gmail com> wrote:
On 10/21/05, Michael Matthews <michael-a-matthews lycos com> wrote:
How do I change the default tabs from 8-space to 4-space?

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