Re: GtkTextView Color not being set under KDE

Eduardo M KALINOWSKI (ekalin bol com br):

    He sent me a screenshot:

The biggest part of the application is a GtkTextView. The background
should be black, it is set with a call to gtk_widget_modify_base().
The text that appears with a black background has a tag that sets the
background and is displayed correctly. However, the expected behavior
would be to have all the GtkTextView with a black background.

I couldn't reproduce the problem here in my computer, even under KDE
the display is fine. Anyway, does anyone have any idea of what the
problem could be?

  It's the gtk-qt theme engine.  It seems to somehow be messing up a
bunch of colours.  Similar sort of bugs are being filed about Eclipse:

  I haven't figured it out yet, but I thought I'd give you some tips
about where the problem is. :)  Note that gtk-qt doesn't seem to be
maintained, so it may be hard to reproduce even if you get this theme
engine.  SuSE seems to be shipping some version of gtk-qt based on a
CVS snapshot.


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