Re: gtk rendering order

With the double buffering turned on, any drawing is
pushed onto a stack before the updated window is made

Is it possible to reverse the stack just before the
flush in order to boost the performance?


--- John Cupitt <jcupitt gmail com> wrote:

On 10/5/05, Kevin Brooks <kb_list yahoo com> wrote:
I don't know how to reverse the rendering order

I implement a 'pop - to - front' effect with layered
widgets with

  g_object_ref( thing );
  gtk_container_remove( container, thing );
  gtk_container_add( container, thing );
  g_object_unref( thing );

ie. you remove and re-add the child to get it to the
top. The _ref()
stops the child being destroyed when it is removed.

You could use this to reverse the order of the child
widgets, but I
guess it would probably flicker a lot.


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