RE: gtk rendering order

It's because EventBox is a widget which has its own
gdkwindow so it can be rendered above its parent
gdkwindow. If you try to set the EventBox to has no
visible window then you will find that the window
background cover everything again.

For those no window widgets, child widgets on the top
will be always rendered first and the bottom most
parent window widget last.(when try to catch expose
event and draw your own)

I don't know how to reverse the rendering order

Does anyone know how?



--- "Boncek, John" <jboncek Hunter COM> wrote:

I had the same problem a while back and asked here
about it.  I was told
to put the button in an EventBox, which caused it to
start working.  I
never received an explanation of why it didn't work
the first way or why
it does work with the EventBox.

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I had a gtk window and a gtk button was put on the
window. But the button was totally covered by the
window background when the window background was set
to solid color or image.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

I also want to know the rendering order of gtk

The gtk window was supposed to render its own
background first and then the child widgets resided
it so that those child widgets would not be covered
the window's background.

Did I miss something?



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