Re: z-order of gtk windows on win32

On Sat, 1 Oct 2005 09:56:40 -0400 (EDT)
Allin Cottrell <cottrell wfu edu> wrote:

Starting from my app's main window, the user can create an 
additional window displaying a graph.  The newly-opened graph window 
"naturally" appears above the main window.  It is created using


From the graph window in turn, the user can call up a graph-editing 
dialog, which appears on top of the graph.  The dialog is done with


When the graph-editing dialog is closed, I expect the graph window 
to remain above the original, main window.  This is what happens on 
Linux, but not on win32 (same code).  On Windows, when you close the 
graph-editing dialog, the app's main window snaps on top of the 
graph window, which is quite annoying (you can't see the changes you 
just made, without clicking on the graph window to raise it again).

I have tried explicitly setting the dialog's gtk window as 
"transient for" the graph window, but this doesn't change the 

Is there any other gtk window-controlling option that I'm missing 
here?  Thanks.

I also found this bug very annoying, but I don't know about any
solution to this problem.

HuamiSoft Hubert Sokolowski
tel. 501456743

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