Re: gtk_window_set_default_icon_list()

When the docs are insufficient, you can always take a look at the
source.  Take advantage of this whole "open source" thing :-)
So, it copies the list and references the pixbufs in it. Given
enough experience with the way that GTK+ works, this isn't
particularly surprising, but the docs could certainly be more

So it takes a copy of the list, adding a reference to the pixbuf's as it goes...

Which means if I don't want the list or the pixbufs anymore, I have to destroy the list and unref the pixbufs 
as I go so the icon list is holding the only reference...

Easy enough to do, but it does seem like an awful waste to me.  One or two of the pixmaps may be handy to 
keep a reference to, but does anyone actually find the list handy to keep around after using this function?


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