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--- gtk-app-devel-list-request gnome orHello Josh!

From: "Joshua A. Andler" <joshua bivenslaw com>
Basically I'd want a combo box with some preset
values, > but spinbuttons on it to tweak from there.
Is this 
doable with GTK? 
I guess anything is doable with a 2D drawing kit
is doable in GTK+. Ask GIMP, Inkscape, GNOME and Glade
people! GTK+ rocks.

I'm really just
wanting to see if I can implement a fancy font size 
selector. Any thoughts on how to achieve this would
be > greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Actually you can get such functionality, but only
by writing your custom widgets;
spinbtn is actually an entry, so you cannot merge
it with, a combo.

You can choose a 'composite widget' , one containing
other widgets.
Lets say you start with a hbox.
pack a combobox & a gtk button in the same order.

override the 'expose' event of the gtk button alone,
and paint its colours,
override any necessary signals and make  good widget.

Otherwise, well copy code of spin button, and write
a new widget, but deriving from combo, instead of 
entry. combo-spin!

Have a good day,

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