HELP: cpu load graph plotting program

I am making a monitor program for the PC. My monitor program will grab statistics about CPU and memory every 1 or 5 seconds. Then I want to store this data so I have a history and hence be able to graph this out in my GUI.

I thought about using a plain text file to store my graph data and plot it out. Plot it out manually or use gnuplot.

I found this tool called RRDTool ( It's a database to store time-series data. Then it will beautifully graph out your data. However it's based on executing/running the program/script. Data is input using it's own command-line script. And graph creation is done the same way using another command-line script.

Problem is, how can I get C/C++ to call or incorporate RRDTool command-line program into my GUI? Is there any way in C/C++ to call another program? I don't think there is. Plus I don't think RRDTool has developer libraries (lib*.lib, etc) for C/C++ programmers to call into their own programs.

If anyone has any suggestions/advice as to easy ways to store simple statistics (CPU & memory load), and graph them in a GUI like GTK+ ( I'd be very grateful.

Or does anyone know a 3rd party graph plotting library that plots to GUIs like GTK/QT/SDL? Or even GTK graph, GTK plot widgets that I can incorporate with GTK?

Many thanks.

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