Re: gtk-app-devel-list Digest, Vol 14, Issue 55

Alf C Stockton writes:
My development is on Windows so I do not have a "etc, lib," etc.

We are not talking about the system top-level "etc" and "lib"
directories in Unix here, but the "etc" and "lib" subfolders in a GTK+
installation. These are used on Windows, too. They contain files that
are essential for GTK+ (and Pango) to work. The GTK+ and Pango DLLs
look up their location at run-time and assume that the other files
needed at run-time (in the etc and lib folders) are located in a
standard way relative to where the DLL is.

The installation directory is c:\temp as above and that is all the
GTK that my user has.

If just the DLLs you listed really is *all*, then it won't work. What
immediately comes to mind is that pango will need
pango-basic-win32.dll. It is dynamically loaded at run-time. To find
it Pango also needs the pango.modules file. Pango.aliases is also
pretty much essential.

Sigh, if people would just use the directory structure directly from
the official-ish zipfiles and not try to cut corners.


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