Re: drawing stuff inside the TreeView

Dnia 23-06-2005, czw o godzinie 10:27 -0700, Alexei D napisał:
Well, not really. You just pack PixbufRenderer into
column, and give it
a pixbuf showing a circle. It's entirely up to you
how you get the
circle, drawing it in GIMP and saving as PNG loaded
by your app

Thanks for the reply. The thing is, I need many
differently colored circles (more than 50) to insert
in front of a text in CellRenderer. 

Ugh. You said it was meant to signal some state, right? I don't know
what exactly you want to do, but are you sure that colour-coding this
info is a good idea? Having more than 3-4 different colours (and always
remember to present the same info by different means, not everyone can
see all the colours) usually adds more confusion than it solves.

Maybe like only hold 1 file of a white color, and
whenever I need a different color, change it inside my
application and use it. But I didn't find any tools in
Gtk that would manipulate image/pixbuf for me .....

AFAIK, there aren't any, but just changing the colour shouldn't be that
hard, pixbuf can be accessed as a simple array of bytes.


Maciej Katafiasz <ml mathrick org>

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