Re: Pango GTK+ on Windows

Well, that should work, too, you just have to add *all* the "bin"
folders to your PATH.

The zipfiles are really for people who would understand that... (and
you did, I'm sure). Others would use installers.


Hi Tor ->

Oooh, installers?  Sounds nice!  I followed the path of least resistance
and went from to your site using the link 'GTK+ for Win32',
then clicked 'Downloads', and followed the instructions and grabbed the
zip files.  It did indeed work even with my foolish subdirectories.
Except I ended up with that pango problem which I fixed by editing

But I could have avoided my mistake with an installer!  So here's another
humble suggestion:  A link from your site or from pointing to
the installer?


-> Pete


Pete Nagy                                        tel: (303) 583-0248
Vexcel Corporation                               fax: (303) 583-0246                           home: (303) 823-2336

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