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Hi Tor ->

  Unfortunately my paths didn't look anything like the *should* structure,
since, as it turns out, my zip extraction wizard defaults with the name of
the file as a destination directory and I left it in there thinking it
belonged, kind of like the way self extracting zips usually put something
reasonable there.  So, instead of all packages together in a common lib,
include, etc., each package had lib, include, etc. subdirectories.

  I am undoubtedly denser than most, and may be the only one who has
ever made this mistake, but perhaps a note like:

  Make sure you enter the installation top directory as the destination
when unzipping these packages, and not a package subdirectory, so they
merge together into a single installation!  This *should* look like:

  Thanks for everything,


-> Pete


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On Wed, 22 Jun 2005, Tor Lillqvist wrote:

Hubert =?ISO-8859-2?Q?Soko=B3owski?= writes:
 > I have found a problem in my case. I was using name 'bin' for a
 > directory when my program and Gtk runtime was in.

Could you post the exact directory structure? Where did you have the
"lib/pango/1.4.0/modules" folder, for instance?

This is how it *should* have looked:

foo                             your installation top
       \gtk-2.0                 gtk.immodules, gdk-pixbuf.loaders
       \pango                   pango.aliases, pango.modules
   \bin                         yourapp.exe, GTK+, Pango, atk and GLib DLLs
                     \immodules im-am-et.dll etc
                     \loaders   libpixbufloader-ani.dll etc
                   \modules     pango-basic-win32.dll etc

(leaving out stuff like message catalogs)

In particular, if you have Pango and GTK+ DLLs in a folder named
"bin", they *assume* that the other stuff are located relative to that
folder as above.

If you in fact have the "etc" and "lib" folders as subfolders of
"bin", it won't work. But if the DLLs notice that they are in a folder
that isn't called "bin", then they assume the "etc" and "lib" folders
are subfolders of the place where the DLLs are.


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