Re: Pango GTK+ on Windows

Hubert =?ISO-8859-2?Q?Soko=B3owski?= writes:
this is how it looks in my installation

 foo                             your installation top
        \gtk-2.0                 gtk.immodules, gdk-pixbuf.loaders
        \pango                   pango.aliases, pango.modules
                      \immodules im-am-et.dll etc
                      \loaders   libpixbufloader-ani.dll etc
                    \modules     pango-basic-win32.dll etc

    all DLLs and my exe file are in this foo directory, I don't have bin

when I change 'foo' to 'bin' pango warning is displayed and the program

OK. It is quite clear now why this happens. When the DLLs notice that
they are in a folder called "bin" they assume a standard directory
structure, where "etc" and "lib" are *sibling* folders to "bin".


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