Re: Calling GTkFileChooserDialog from a GtkDialog

John Cupitt wrote:

Mmm but how can I have the gtk_entry automatically "filled" with the path choosen with GtkFileChooserButton ?? I'm calling the dialog who creates the gtk_entry and the GtkFileChooserButton from another function:

void on_extract1_activate ( GtkMenuItem *menuitem, gpointer user_data)
        static GtkWidget *prefs_window = NULL;
        prefs_window = prefs(); <--- here I build all the widgets
gtk_dialog_set_default_response (GTK_DIALOG (prefs_window), GTK_RESPONSE_CANCEL);
        response = gtk_dialog_run ( GTK_DIALOG ( prefs_window ) );
        if ( response == GTK_RESPONSE_CANCEL)
                gtk_widget_destroy ( prefs_window );

        // How to fill the gtk_entry created in the prefs() function ?

Thank you,

Cpsed, a Linux OpenGL 3D scene editor

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