Re: GTK themes on windows

   I heard a lot about pixmap-engine. Is it a
downloadable engine, or available with standard GTK
package itself.

Deekshit M

--- Carlo Agrusti <carlo-ag libero it> wrote:

Deekshit M ha scritto lo scorso 19/06/2005 20:17:
Hi all,
   I wanted to know how do I add a theme to the
windows application, that I am am developing on
windows. I could see that, when I change the theme
using theme-selector applictaion, the theme for
GTK-demos get changed. But not for my application.

1) How to make these thinsg work for my
application ?
2) How to apply the themes available at
to my application on windows

You need 2 different things:
- the theme
- the theme engine

All theme engines are located (i.e. you have to put
them) into your 
directory; they are 
.dlls (you can compile them by yourself or just find
ready to use).

Themes are located into your
directory; each theme is made off a directory tree
with the upmost 
directory named as the theme itself and containing
all needed resources.

Theme selection mechanism for *all* gtk applications
running on your 
system is fairly simple: just put into your home
directory (something 
like C:\Documents and Settings\your_user_name) a
file containing the 
following line:

include "C:/Programmi/File 


(in this case the theme is "Dark Outworld")
and name it .gtkrc-2.0

Of course, gtk applications that parse their own
theme will not be 
affected by your global theme setting.

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