Re: how to assign full access rights to guest

On Thu, 16 Jun 2005, harshavardhanreddy mandeepala wrote:
chown "guest" /root -R      Still it is giving error.

AAAAAHHHHH!!!  Please consider undoing that change right now:
        chown -R root /root
otherwise any process owned by guest can change root's private files. (Okay, there's probably nothing critical in there, but if you're like me, there's information in there you don't want anybody getting at.)

I want to shutdown the system from  .bash_profile  file using
cd /sbin
./shutdown -g o
but when I run the file otherthan a superuser it is giving error message as
            " to run "shutdown" u must be a root"
but i want to execute shutdown command  as  a non root user (Ex: guest)

As for your shutdown problem, maybe an suid wrapper script will do the trick:
        exec /sbin/shutdown -g o

Save as /usr/local/bin/user-shutdown.

Then create a group called shutdown in your /etc/group file (or use groupadd). Add the guest user to this group.

Set permissions on /usr/local/bin/user-shutdown so that only members of the shutdown group can execute it:
        chmod 750 /usr/local/bin/user-shutdown
and make it suid:
        chmod u+s /usr/local/bin/user-shutdown


I am using Linux fedora core 3.
Even i have used  command for changing the ownership as

if u find solution mail me at      hvreddy1110 gmail com


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