Re: Wrapped text in GtkTreeView

On 6/15/05, Slou <elephantum cyberzoo ru> wrote:
Vivien Malerba wrote:
I have list of a very long lines which I want to be accessible to user
with no penalty (additional clicking etc.).

So the solution is obvious - wrapped text in TreeView, but I found no
way to create such CellRenderer.

All discussions on this subject I found are at least a year old. What is
the current state of this problem?

You can either:
-> add a "line_wrap" property to the GtkCellRendererText object, or

hmm... seems there is no such property for GtkCellRendererText [1]

I meant modifying the GtkCellRendererText source code in the GTK+
libraty itself (and maybe proposing a patch for inclusion?)

-> create your own GtkCellRenderer object (see

The problem when I try to create custom cell renderer is that I can't
dynamically change it's height.

There is no reason about that since height calculation is done by the
virtual functions you need to write to create a GtkCellRenderer.


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