Re: libglade: glade_xml_get_widget

y g wrote:

I am trying to convert an application code which was produced with
glade's code autogenerator to using libglade. But I firslty need one
thing. Is there a replacement function for the lookup_widget?
glade_xml_get_widget seemed to be the one but it does not work in any
of my callbacks, only before gtk_main. Am I missing something?

I wrote a replacement for lookup_widget (). It's called
widget_find_by_name () and works completely independent from Glade or
libglade. It may be used to locate any existing child widget of any
container by its name. As it's unrelated to Glade, it doesn't scan
through Glade's XML files, though. It just works on widgets which have
already been created by any means, i.e. via libglade. It can be found at

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