Re: Instalation of GTK+ 2.6 alongside GTK+ 2.4

On 6/8/05, Derrick J Houy <djhouy paw za org> wrote:
I run on Fedrora Core 3 which has GTK+ 2.4.13 installed. I want to
continue to build my apps against the standard packages included in FC3,
but also need to fix some bugs which allow the apps to work with GTK+ 2.6.7.

Can anyone help me with the best setup to easily allow building against
the newer versions, without having to upgrade the current system version.

To do something similar, here is what I do:
-> create a directory where to install the new GTK (/local/G_EXTRA for example)
-> in gtk+'s sources, run ./configure --prefix=/local/G_EXTRA (with
some other arguments if you want)
-> make; make install

Now you've got Gtk+ installed in /local/G_EXTRA, and need to set a few
environment variables if you want to use it (before running
./configure in your sources anyway):

PKG_CONFIG_PATH to /local/G_EXTRA/lib/pkgconfig
PATH to /local/G_EXTRA/bin
DEVHELP_SEARCH_PATH to /local/G_EXTRA/share/gtk-doc/html

and a few others for your own convenience. You can install other
programs and libraries as well (I installed the whole Gnome 2.10 this


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