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From: Subject: Re: ComboBox on Windows application
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Message-ID: <20050607153406 4c22e80f h sokolowski wsisiz edu pl>
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On Tue, 07 Jun 2005 15:09:36 +0200
Alf Stockton <alf stockton co za> wrote:

I have a screen already built using Glade and a whole bunch of code
that now needs maintaining.
Is it recommended that I carry on using Glade?
Glade has built an interface.c that I now need to alter to get a combobox to display a number of entries I will retrieve from a SQL database, however a comment at the top of interface.c says "DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE - it is generated by Glade".

and Hubert Soko?owski <h sokolowski wsisiz edu pl> replied :-

you don't edit interface.c. create window with function generated by
glade, get pointer to combobox widget with lookup_widget and then add

Where can I find documentation on lookup-widget. I have looked through the documentation I have on GTK+ and cannot find any reference.

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