Removin all Widgets from a VBox

I have written an application, where I have
Dialog which contains a vbox, which should have different contents in different
situations.(there is a next button in the dialog, if you press it, the content
of the vbox underneath vbox shall change)
I plan is to delete all widgets of the vbox underneath and create new widgets

I did not yet find a good strategy to delete all widgets/childs from within a

I found gtk_container_remove, where you can delete one widget, but I cannot
get a list of all the childs - unless I use gtk_container_foreach.
But this has a callback, which will result in big problems, as I am running
in class context(c++)

Another possibility is to replace the old container of the VBOx by a newly
created empty one. But I dont know how to do this either.

Can somebody give me some nice tips ?


Guenther Sohler

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