Re: Glade C code a bad thing?

Gus Koppel escreveu:

Olexiy Avramchenko wrote:
If the idea about general tool for XML -> C translation, sounds good
for you - start development. I think all interested people will help

I don't think so. The idea about a general XML --> C translation tool
doesn't sound good to me and I won't start development of one. I'm busy
enough writing things which havent' been created before. All sane people
who don't suffer from the Not-Invented-Here syndrome wouldn't waste
their time by trying to replace a complex and (rather) perfect solution
(regarding its result, not speaking about its implementation) by
something self- written, which would likely take a year or so to get
close to the quality of the existing one. I don't plead for someone to
write a replacement. I just plead for not abandoning the existing one.


I already made a converter of XML for C++ and GTKmm personalized for me, that theoretically it can be used to obtain any language and/or library. The conversion process is made through one another XML. I make the documentation using Doxygen and on next weekend I will put on my page.
 I will wait for contributions...



Claudio Polegato Junior

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