Re: Glade C code a bad thing? (was: root windows)

"Freddie Unpenstein" wrote:

You're going backwards here...  Having the code generation part of
Glade limits you to what the Glade developers have done, and how good
they are at doing it.  Having the code generation seperate, allows
someone else to take over that burdon, who could potentially be better
at it than they are.

Since Glade code generation supports ALL features which are supported by
the Glade GUI, I think this is a "limit" one can live very well with.
Even the primary replacement project, libglade, didn't for a long time.
I'm not aware of any secondary replacement projects (alternate code
generation projects) at all as yet. I don't see how they could support
more features in translating Glade XML to C source than Glade GUI
supports at all?

So where's the loss of freedom of choice?  I already see messages from
someone planning to pick up the torch.

I only saw messages from people claiming that it's (pretty) easy to do.
I haven't seen anyone picking it up or actually planning to do so.

Reinventing the wheel is sometimes the only way to remove the kinks.  
 If the tyre on my car blows, I don't try to stitch it back together,
 I get a new one.  But more importantly, I do so with the knowledge of
 how that last one performed, and what to look for in the next one.

Reinventing the wheel != replacng a blown wheel with a new one.

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