Re: GLib file name encoding (Was: Please join me...)

David Necas (Yeti) writes:
How can I write code so that it is source compatible with
GLib and Gtk+ from 2.2 to 2.6+ without branching by GLib
(Gtk+) version?

You can't. (If you want to support non-ASCII pathnames on Windows.)

If you don't use any GLib/GTK+ new-in-2.6 API (or even new-in-2.4),
then require the source to be built against GLib/GTK+ 2.4.

I plan to keep the GLib/GTK+ 2.4.x developer packages available for a
long time.

(I don't know if symbol versioning is even possible on MS Windows).

I have never really bothered to try to understand ELF symbol
versioning (as used on Solaris and Linux, yes?), but no, nothing such
exists on Windows, to the best of my knowledge. The new name/old name
scheme mentioned is handled in a decidedly low-tech way, using #defines.


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