Re: sizeof(glong)

On Fri, Jan 14, 2005 at 06:17:55PM +0100, Maciej Katafiasz wrote:
Dnia 14-01-2005, pi? o godzinie 19:38 +0300, Jan napisa?:

Interesting to me is 
on computer with 64bit processors, like amd64?

That depends on which 64-bit arch we're talking about. Some have
sizeof(glong) == 4, and some sizeof(glong) == 8. Generally, you should
never ever assume anything about type size except the basic sizeof(char)
<= sizeof(short) ... If you rely on size, use portable typedefs provided
by glib, ie gint32/64.

I know it, but I one proof  to one man that suppose
the sizeof(glong) is the same on the different platforms - wrong.
So I need facts.

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