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Thanks for the response. I appreciate the suggestion. I was hoping for something along the lines of an object oriented 'HelloWorld' example (I am not a very experinenced coder).

I am currently working through the GObject tutorial. Though I was hoping to find something simpler I could use until I am up to speed on GObject.


Keith Sharp wrote:

On Tue, 2005-04-12 at 21:31 -0400, Rick Sutphin wrote:

I am a noob to GTK+ programming, and GUI programming in general. I have
worked through the example, and done a few simple programs of my own.

I would like to improve my programs. Particularly I would like to do
away with , or at least reduce, the mumber of global variables. I would
also like to make my code more modular and object oriented.  Can anyone
recommend any good examples, or simple programs, that I could study to
learn good GTK+ coding practices?

The practice I have found useful is to make extensive use of GObject.  I
normally define a GObject for my application let this hold variables
that would normally be defined globally, as well as references to other
objects that the applications needs.

I originally saw this style of coding in Gossip[1], but I am sure that
it has been used in many other applications.  The code for Gossip is
very clean and easy to read.


[1] or

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