GTK+, CYGWIN, MSW and GCC flagas

Before going any further, I would like to thank everyone involved in helping me find I solution to this problem, your help has been most valuable, specially yours Stefan; your help has been most welcomed. I did check "Tor's" web page righ after reading your message; there I found out that one can compile a gtk program under cygwin that will be able to run on MSW machines just by using the '-mno-cygwin' flag. I have not tested this flag and cannot make any assestment as to the certenty of Tor's statement for two reasons. I don't know how to use this falg and I don't want to spent the time finding out how it works knowing that the result could be unsatisfactory. Thus I have decided to post the folowing question to the group in the hope that someone might have had a previous encounter with this problem and be in a better possition to make a recomendation on this issue.

Before Thanks to everyone envolved in

From: Stefan Kost <ensonic hora-obscura de>
To: Jamiil Abdullah-Alkadir <jamiil_abdullah_alkadir hotmail com>
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Subject: Re: GTK+, CYGWIN & MSW
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 08:51:34 +0200

Hi Jamiil,

that is normal when using Cygwin. If you want a native version use MingW together with the gtk+ builds e.g. Tor offers.


I have finally got an application to compile under cygwin, but to run it I have to launch the X server, 'startx' to be able to run the program under cygwin. However, I am not able to run the program form windows, I have added the 'cygwin.dll' and 'cygX11-6.dll' directories to the 'autoexec.bat' '%path%'. the program just does not run. What can I do to get this fixed?


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