FW: Getting default style

[Apologies if this message is repeated.  I'm having problems with my mail

Hi, I am working on a Gtk -> Qt style conversion library.  I'm new to GTK,
so go easy on me.

how can I get a GtkStyle object, representing the current GtkStyle being

If I use gtk_style_new() it seems to give me an uninitialised structure
(sounds reasonable).

I want to get a structure containing information for the current Gtk style.

Do I have to create a GtkWidget in order to do this or not?

Styles/themes are currently undocumented in the GTK reference manual -
http://developer.gnome.org/doc/API/gtk/gtk-styles.html.  Does anyone know of
an 'unofficial' reference?

Many thanks in advance.

Ian Wilkinson. Software Developer

Silvaco International.
4701 Patrick Henry Drive Bldg #2, Santa Clara, CA, 95054

Email: mailto:ian wilkinson silvaco com  Phone: (408) 654-4375

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