Re: [Gimp-developer] Console window on Win32


The serious problem is not that the dos console looks scary,
although it is ugly, that would be ok for ms windows.
The problem is that windows hangs any application with
a console window if someone happens to click on the text 
in the box, for example, to copy it, or by accidentally
touching it with a stylus. This is the serious problem,
not some sort of confusion over what a console window is.

Actually what is happening is the application gets suspended
at the next console output until the selected area on the
console is unselected. Obviously, if ms windows were any 
good, it would queue the output rather than suspending
the GUI application, but the typical user can't distinguish 
this problem from a crashed GIMP. However, it is in our power
to work around the problem.  One such workaround is to only
use a console if a command line option (like --console) 
or an environment variable is set.


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