...set_history() working inconsistently?

        Yes, I know that GtkOptionMenu is deprecated.  Please humor me on this
one, after I get the app working I plan to migrate it up to

        I have googled everything I can find, and am stumped with this.  I have
a GtkOptionMenu that works just fine when it's parent window is being
displayed on-screen.  When displayed, I can call
gtk_option_menu_set_history() and everything works as expected: the
active menu item is changed, and the optionMenu updates on-screen to
reflect this change.

        However, if the parent window is not displayed at the time I call
...set_history(), a strange thing happens.  The active menu item is
updated (I have verified by calling ...get_history()), but the
optionMenu display is not updated.  Thus, when I subsequently show the
parent window, the optionMenu is displaying the wrong menu item.

        This one has me stumped...   anybody know what's going on?



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