Re: How wide can a widget get ?


On Tue, 23 Nov 2004 02:51:25 -0700, Nix N. Nix <nix go-nix ca> wrote:
What's the maximum width I can set a widget to ? I end up attempting to
set the width of one of my drawing area widgets to 66327, and it doesn't
seem to want to go that wide. Is there an inherent limit to the width of
a widget ?

There was in gtk+-1.2, but gtk2 (pretty much) removed this. I have
drawing areas in my app which go up to several million pixels in each
axis and gtk scrolls them fine. Memory isn't allocated for invisible
pixels, so there's no limit there either.

You can have problems with a 16 bit coordinate limit on drawing
operations on very large drawing areas: you may need to do some
clipping yourself.


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