Re: [GLib] How to get substrings?

On Tue, 2004-11-09 at 09:06 -0800, Alan M. Evans wrote:
Isn't that a bit much? How about...

You probably would want to move pos1 on the length of needle1  before
looking for needle2 first, otherwise if you look for something between
"$" and "$" pos2 will be the same as pos1.


substring_between2(gchar* haystack, gchar* needle1, gchar* needle2)
    gchar* pos1;
    gchar* pos2;

    if( haystack == NULL || needle1 == NULL || needle2 == NULL )
        return NULL;
    pos1 = g_strrstr( (const gchar*) haystack,
                       (const gchar*) needle1 );
    if( pos1 == NULL )
        return NULL;

      pos1 += strlen (needle1);

    pos2 =  g_strrstr( (const gchar*) pos1,
                       (const gchar*) needle2);
    if( pos2 == NULL )
        return NULL;
    return g_strndup(pos1, pos2-pos1);


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