Re: Questions I should have asked

On Mon, 2004-05-31 at 11:29, Alf C Stockton wrote:
I really would like to give my user one
executable rather than an executable and a number of dlls to install. You know
what users are like.......:-(

There's an awesome, free (truly free) product available for Windows
called Inno Setup (  The packages
at were produced using this software.  There's even an
example Inno Setup input file at

which shows you how to introduce a dependency upon their distribution of
the GTK runtime. That is, the installer produced using that template
does the followings:

- Check if the Runtime Environment is installed
  -  If not, it pops a message box telling the user that installation
     cannot proceed, and points them to, asking them to
     download the GTK runtime environment
  -  If yes, the installer picks up the GTK Runtime installation path 
     from the registry and adds it to the AppPaths registry key for
- Installs the application.

This package is capable of making desktop icons, Start Menu groups and
menu items.  It is also capable of creating associations and refreshing
explorer to reflect those associations.  It also provides an uninstall
entry in the Add/Remove Programs control panel.

Attached is the .iss file our project (QCADesigner) uses.

Thus, you can have all the .dlls you want, and still have only one,
self-extracting .exe as the distribution file. Heck you can even have a
simple, user-friendly dependency tree :o)

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