Re: Questions I should have asked

Hi Alf,
Yes, by using the  -mno-cygwin flag, you will not have to provide any
of the Cygwin dlls. You will however, unless you use static linking, have
to provide the GTK dlls. I find it easiest to provide the GTK dlls using
the runtime installer from:
This is a nicely packaged runtime environment with an installer.

Under  Cygwin, I find the following command useful, it lists the dlls
that an application is linked against.

objdump -p myapp.exe | grep "DLL Name"

Where do you live? I am from Cape Town, but now live in Canada.

Clive are you telling me that if I install Cygwin and do as you have laid out I
get a "stand alone windows executable" without having to copy *.dlls to
/windows/system32 and rebooting? I really would like to give my user one
executable rather than an executable and a number of dlls to install. You know
what users are like.......:-(
 I am hoping from what you said above that I can go ahead and do all my
development on Linux(my preference) and when its working copy the source to
Windows and recompile and, other than any silly errors I made, it should all


Alf Stockton

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