Re: highlighting control labels

Marisa DeMeglio wrote:
Russell Shaw wrote:

Marisa DeMeglio wrote:


I'm looking for a way to highlight a control's text label (if exists) when that control receives focus. Is there a way to adjust the color properties of a label at runtime (not via theme) ? If I can get it to be highlighted then that will give some very basic JFW (jaws for windows screen reader) support, since JFW pays attention to the MS windows highlight color. Already works for reading menus via gtk-wimp, now we need to extend it to the rest of the app, or as much as possible. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

With access to the widgets text buffer, you can usually use pango
markup or attributes to change things like colour.

Ok, I see how I can do this on a GtkLabel, for example. But how do I get the label object for a button? It seems like set/get methods just give you a text string for the label's character data and not the object itself.


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