Re: PangoLayout and UTF8-strings

Tim Müller ha scritto lo scorso 06/18/2004 09:07 PM:
On Friday 18 June 2004 16:18, Carlo wrote:

      g_sprintf (label, "%d °C", value[i]);

this code produces the desired output under windows ("750 °C") but only
an incomplete output under linux ("750  "). Any idea? Any suggestion
about finding documentation on UTF8-strings?

  g_sprintf (label, "%d \342\204\203", value[i]);


  g_sprintf (label, "%d \302\260C", value[i]);

Both code snippets produce almost the desired output (A^°C instead of
°C) with no run-time GTK warning; I will keep on studying this issue.

gucharmap is a great tool finding UTF-8 codes.

There's some info about Gtk2 and UTF-8 in:

Thank you for your suggestions,


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