Re: gtk app without mouse and keyboard

Am Mo, den 14.06.2004 schrieb Bureau d'études terawatt um 17:26:
Hi all,

I 'd want to build an embedded system interfaced with gtk, but without
any mouse or keyboard. I have just a few keys raising interrupts. Is it
possible to trigger by software the widgets signals normally raised by
mouse  ? (and how ...) And in the same way  is it possible to select the
widgets (as done by the tab key) ?

I did something very similar (external controller board with attached
key matrix) with GTK1.2 lately.

My approach was to inject the key events by using the XTest extension
after decoding the matrix to a key code. That way any application sees
the events the same way if focused.

btw. translating interrupts with the help of xkb sounds very


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