Re: gtk app without mouse and keyboard

On Mon, 2004-06-14 at 09:26, Bureau d'études terawatt wrote:
I 'd want to build an embedded system interfaced with gtk, but without
any mouse or keyboard. I have just a few keys raising interrupts. Is it
possible to trigger by software the widgets signals normally raised by
mouse  ? (and how ...) And in the same way  is it possible to select the
widgets (as done by the tab key) ?

If your app is running under X, and if the interrupts are standard
keyboard interrupts, you can devise a keyboard mapping (using xkb or
xmodmap) which basically translates your interrupts to standard events.

Now, don't quote me on anything, because I have very little experience
with low-level keyboard manipulation.  However, I have come to learn
that the xkb extension present in the X server is extremely flexible and

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