Re: Packing a Text and Pixbuf renderer into the same cell of a tree view

On Sun, 2004-06-13 at 13:48, ext Darryl Luff wrote: 
Does anyone have some sample code for this? I've found lots of text that says 
'just pack a pixbuf renderer and a text renderer into the same cell'. But I 
don't understand how you set which pixbuf to display in each cell for these 
two cases:

Totally untested code follows, but should get the idea across..  There's
lots of example code in gtk-demo and tests, but IMHO there should be
more concrete examples in the API reference.

1.    Where a column has the same image displayed next to the text in each cell, 

renderer = gtk_cell_renderer_pixbuf_new ();
gtk_tree_view_column_pack_start (column, renderer, FALSE);
g_object_set (renderer, "pixbuf", the_pixbuf, NULL);

renderer = gtk_cell_renderer_text_new ();
gtk_tree_view_column_pack_start (column, renderer, TRUE);
gtk_tree_view_column_add_attribute (column, renderer, "text", COL_TEXT);

2.    Where a column has a different image displayed next to the text in each 

Replace the g_object_set() above with:

gtk_tree_view_column_add_attribute (column, renderer, "pixbuf", COL_PIXBUF);

Tommi Komulainen <tommi komulainen nokia com>

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