Re: Numeric entry field.

Hi All,
   I am writing an application which has lot of number fields, including
floating and non-floating numbers. Is there any readymade widget which
can be used to enter only floating and other numeric formats.

Thanks and Regards
Deekshit M
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Hello, I did same questions in channel #Gtk in, but they
told me there's not a specific widget to get numeric data, they did
suggest me GtkSpinbutton, but it's not I need, then I use a GtkEntry to
get numeric data, in callback I use 'atoi' function to covert string into

#include <stdlib.h>

void callback(GtkWidget *entry)
    gint num;
    gchar *str;
    num = atoi(str);
    printf("Numeric data is: %d", num);

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