Re: How to enter a floating-point number ?

Freddie Unpenstein wrote:
What is the "proper" way to change the text colour of Entry,
SpinButton and CheckButton widgets?
GtkLabel has no window, so you need to put it into a GtkEventBox and
change the colour of that.

I presume you're referring tot he CheckButton's here?  As I said, I want to change the "text colour", not the 
background colour, which is what I believe you're suggesting.  Background colour is trivial, and ugly.

Moreover, as far as I can tell, short of fiddling with styles set on the EventBox and getting said (and 
somewhat unrelated, with respect to the EventBox) style changes to propogate along to the Entry or SpinButton 
within the EventBox, it ain't going to do a damn thing.

I've seen plenty of discussion in here on changing background colour of window-less widgets.  But if there 
was a discussion on the proper way of changing text colour on these widgets, especially with reference to 
after said widgets have been created, well I seem to have missed it.

Any relevant help would be much appreciated.  :)


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