Re: Re: Help with flickering widgets when showing and hiding!!

W li?cie z ?ro, 21-07-2004, godz. 07:10, crypto_stonelock sympatico ca
I'm wondering if there is any way to get rid of flickering when hiding
vs showing (gtk_widget_hide/show) widgets.
I'm using the equivalent of scrolling in a custom made menu directly
sitting on inside the window and I get some flickering when hiding and
showing GtkListItem widgets in my GtkList.

Ugh, you're not using the oldest, already superseded twice, hopelessly
outdated, not supported since forever, dating back to GTK+ 1.0 GtkList,
are you?
I'm afraid so; It does exactly what I want it to do so why not use it :)? In any case, it being 
deprecated is not the issue here; flickering is (gtk_widget_show/hide) ;).

Precisely because it's old and unsupported. It was superseded for a
reason, and also even if it is present for legacy reasons in current
GKT+, it doesn't receive all the love new widgets get, for example it's
pretty much possible that double-buffering work (which deals with
flickering) missed GtkList. Also, code bitrots and there may arise new
issues that weren't present earlier due to changes in GTK+ internal code
paths, for which deprecated widgets obviously aren't updated. 
All in all, using widget deprecated over 4 years ago is asking for
trouble (if nothing else, that's because people no longer remember how
it works, and new ones don't know).

I would agree with you if it was a question of using GtkList's functionnalities, but its not. The problem 
occurs with any widget within or outside of a GtkList.

I understand this GtkList business is gravely offending all of you but the list is not what I'm having 
trouble with. I could have stated my problem without ever mentioning it. If it really is whats stopping you 
from helping me then forget I ever mentioned GtkList.

I heard about CVS but i'm not sure what it is yet so I have to research it. I can't really change developping 
envionment right now if this is what it takes as it would gobble up too much time. I don't have that much 
time left to finish this project up; a few weeks at most. Every day is precious.

Alright i'll restate my problem without talking about the GtkList.

I'm having problems with flickering when using gtk_widget_show/gtk_widget_hide. Is there any way to avoid 
flickering by maybe having the whole screen redrawn at once or something similar?


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