Unexplainable crashes with GtkTreeModelSort

        Hi, in my application I have a GtkTreeModel which I display in two
different places (using two different GtkTreeViews). Therefore, I am
using the GtkTreeModelSort widgets to create child model which I can
sort independently of each other (see attached file).
        The problem when I try to use the mouse wheel to select different rows
of the GtkTreeView (in gtodo_mouse_wheel_scrolled in the attached file).
Basically, my logic is as follows: I find the currently active row in
the sorted model, I advance the path one up/down (depending on the
direction of the scroll) in the sorted model, then I get the
corresponding iter in the sorted tree. After that I conver the new iter
to the corresponding iter in the original, unsorted model and I change a
column value there to indicate that it is the new active row.
        However, every single time I use the wheel I get the following errors
and crash:

(gkrellm:12682): Gtk-CRITICAL **: file ../../gtk/gtkliststore.c: line
566 (gtk_list_store_get_value): assertion `GTK_LIST_STORE
(tree_model)->stamp == iter->stamp' failed

(gkrellm:12682): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: gtype.c:2967: type id `0' is

(gkrellm:12682): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: can't peek value table for
type `<invalid>' which is not currently referenced Segmentation fault
(core dumped)

        It is even worse if I reorder the model first and the use the wheel.

        Can anyone help with what I am doing wrong? I am completely unable to
debug this as gdb is useless without debugging symbols in GTK and I
don't want to recompile GLib and GTK just to get that.

Mitko Haralanov
voidtrance at comcast dot net
grep me no patterns and I'll tell you no lines.

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